Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA)

The private sector including the tour operators and the government agencies i.e. Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) were aware of the necessity to create a network to support national ecotourism. There were occasions where ideas were exchanged and finally a national conference was held where participants from relevant agencies both public and private came together to establish the idea of creating an ecotourism network, with the aim to support ecotourism and sustainable tourism. The meeting agreed to create 3 levels of network: National, Operational and Local.

 The private sector, which had more flexibility than other parties, had already set up a network called « Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association » (TEATA) in December 1997. TEATA was created with a joint effort of tour operators who regularly organized eco-trips. The aim was to maintain a high quality and standard for this type of tour activities, management, staff, programs management, trip itineraries and services, in order to achieve the ecotourism goal. i.e. to conserve nature, culture and environment.


To be a center Association of Eco-tourism & Adventure Travel in Southeast Asia.

TEATA’s Objectives:

1. To develop and promote eco and adventure tourism as well as set up the standard of tourism related activities and services;
2. To demonstrate & publicise a good practice of eco and adventure tourism as sustainable tourism, and to generate incomes to local communities;
3. To work and collaborate closely with the government, private sectors and local communities to enhance environmental conservation, and to ensure that tourism development goes well with nature, leading to increased awareness of the importance to conserve natural attractions; and
4. To provide education and trainings on eco and adventure tourism to its members and general public, and to support conservation programmes when and where appropriate.

Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association (TEATA)
133/14 Ratchaprarob Road, Ratchathewe, Bangkok 10400 Thailand
Tel: +66 (0) 2642 5465  Fax: +66 (0) 2642 5466
TEATA Hotline: +66 (0)8 9794 1748

For more informations about Thai Ecotourism and Adventure Travel Association visit the TEATA’s website

Exemples de “programmes verts” en Thaïlande :

« La Thailande hors des sentiers battus à votre rythme » – 15 jours / 13 nuits

« La Thaïlande à votre rythme«   – 23 jours / 21 nuits


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